South Da-koh-tah

The first thing I need to address is the fact that we are far, far away from South Dakota and this visit was about 3 months ago.  I have a real time management problem when it comes to blogging, I have a real time management problem in general, but oh well.  However, I intend to... Continue Reading →

Canada, Eh?

Oh Canada! Your intense forests, beautiful bodies of water, and incredibly liberal residents -- that of course are receiving both free health care and free postage! We enjoyed you immensely! Our only problem was we didn’t stay long enough and we want to go back. As we left Idaho we headed straight for the border!... Continue Reading →

Idaho! Part Deux

While our trip is primarily a chaotic, last minute decision type of affair, we have had a few anchors to help move us around the country. Most importantly, visits with family and friends. One such occasion was visiting with our good friends The Riddles at their ranch in Sagle, ID. We still had a few... Continue Reading →

Walter’s Fruit Farm

I know, I know, this is supposed to be a blog about Idaho. But our story today actually starts in Washington. It turns out, when your house has an engine, you have to take your house to the mechanic. And what better place than the RV Mecca: Spokane, WA? Luckily for us, Spokane was only... Continue Reading →

Idaho, Part 1

Oh, Idaho, your amazing potatoes and your funny little tippidy top panhandle that makes absolutely no sense.  After spending a lot of time looking at the state in google maps, I noticed, if you look at the state upside down, it kinda looks like Black Beard’s peg leg.  Go ahead, give it a try! We... Continue Reading →

Wanderlust in Washington

I know, it has been a while since our last post.  The main reason is because we were busy squatting outside of my dad and stepmom’s house in Wallace, Idaho being pampered with hot showers, waffles, and Jim Beam Black, Boi! When I say outside, I mean right outside of their front door, a stone’s... Continue Reading →

Oregon, Three Different Ways

When we started blogging our trip, the original plan was to make a blog post for each stop. We'd be in each place several days and have plenty of time, right? Well, as I write this we are in our 10th(!) location, we've only made posts for 5 of them and I really want to... Continue Reading →

Penny Slots and Crater Lakes

After our amazing time in Lassen we headed north and officially crossed state boarders and made it into Oregon, whoop whoop!  Thats right baby!  This is officially a road trip!  If you look closely at the sign, it's welcoming us to Oregon, interesting sign choice, I know. So our amazing friends AJ and Rica got... Continue Reading →

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