Oregon, Three Different Ways

When we started blogging our trip, the original plan was to make a blog post for each stop. We'd be in each place several days and have plenty of time, right? Well, as I write this we are in our 10th(!) location, we've only made posts for 5 of them and I really want to... Continue Reading →

Penny Slots and Crater Lakes

After our amazing time in Lassen we headed north and officially crossed state boarders and made it into Oregon, whoop whoop!  Thats right baby!  This is officially a road trip!  If you look closely at the sign, it's welcoming us to Oregon, interesting sign choice, I know. So our amazing friends AJ and Rica got... Continue Reading →

Bumpass Hell

Bumpass Hell Bumpass Hell sounds like something you might hear Jeff Foxworthy say during one of his comedy bits, and then use in a borderline family friendly joke that goes something like this,  “That ol’ boy is Bumpass as Hell!”, just use your imagination, it has the potential to mean so many different things!   But... Continue Reading →

Truckee – New Fun at an Old Favorite

After 3 days in the foothills of Yosemite and 2 days exploring the park, it was time to continue north. Our rough game plan involves staying at each location about 2-3 nights to give us a chance to explore without it feeling too rushed (although I'm sure we'll find some places to stick around a... Continue Reading →


After leaving Pillar Point RV Park, the RV park we have become accustomed to, in the lovely little town of Half Moon Bay, we officially headed for the great outdoors.  We all love and rely on google maps.  However, don’t trust it’s ETA when driving a 30' RV while pulling a 5000 pound Jeep Wrangler.  When... Continue Reading →

The Move Out

Leave it to us to have a garage sale, clean out our house of seven years and sell our vehicle all in 4 Days.  Procrastinators, you ask? Oh, Absolutely! After our garage sale, we were down to only three days before our walk through with the land lord it took a lot of sweat and... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us! Molly and I are about to embark on our Great American Adventure. As we explore new places and visit old friends, we will post pictures and stories to this Blog. Check back often for an update on our crazy trip or to learn a little bit about what this great country... Continue Reading →

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